About Us

Bad Things Happen To Good People!

No Credit Ck, LLC helps people get back on their feet by providing quality transportation with reasonable payments that will fit your budget. We believe in second, third and even fourth chances over here so browse our inventory and give us a call... better yet, come on in and test drive the car you want some time today!


If you have BAD CREDIT, NO CREDIT OR REALLY BAD CREDIT and need a new car, truck, or SUV... you’re in the right place! If you have recently been denied for traditional financing, do not let that discourage you from having reliable transportation.

No Credit CK, LLC is here to open a door for you.

We have a program for everyone over here! We are partnered with banks, finance companies and even leasing agencies all across the country to make sure that you ride... TODAY!

Our approval process is as easy as this... we don't care about your past... forget about it, it's the past. We DO care about your experience as a driver though. We want to make sure that you are able to operate the car you purchase from us. Do you have at least two years experience driving an automobile? GOOD, YOU'RE APPROVED!!

NO CREDIT CHECK – Fast Approval Process*

CLEAN START: You will be approved, no matter your credit rating (we don’t check), past bankruptcy, tax liens, charge-offs, you name it – it cannot hold you back from our Fast & Easy Approval!

NO COSIGNER: No Credit Ck doesn’t try to tangle you up with requiring co-signers. When you’re approved we put you in a vehicle of your choice with payments that work for you.

AFFORDABLE PAYMENTS: Our program sets you up with payments you can afford. No questions about that. If you don’t make it out there, neither can we!

OPTION TO BUY: After just one year of good pay history, you can buy your car outright at a significantly lowered price – this is adjusted four times a year so when you’re ready to buy, the vehicle’s sale price will be lower and ready for you.

Do you have established credit? Would you like to use your credit for financing? We have opportunities for you as well. Our finance department can match our customers with a preferred lender. Fill out and submit a credit form online here.